On Site COVID 19 Protocols

In order to prevent the spread of Coronavirus we will adopt the following catering practices when working on site in line with UK Government guidance on catering-related COVID-19 safety.

  • Ensure hand-washing facilities or hand-sanitising stations are readily accessible
  • No communal food preparation, storage areas or serving, e.g. buffets or platters
  • A pre-order system for food where possible
  • Use single-serving, pre-packaged food 
  • No unwrapped food or snacks to be left out
  • Use single-serving drinks 
  • Use single-use cutlery 
  • Take extra measures to clean and disinfect all catering service areas
  • Formulate a plan for the use and cleaning of shared appliances such as drinks dispensers
  • Stagger meal and break times, or run a continuous day system, to avoid congestion in eating areas – Relevant discussions with production team required
  • Use a one-way system for navigating the eating area if possible
  • Keep catering crew separate from wider crew wherever possible – Production team
  • Dedicate one catering crew member to handle all pre-packaged snacks
  • Remind catering crew to follow the handwashing procedure, even when handling pre-packaged food
  • Making environmentally friendly choices wherever possible
  • Take care in managing and disposing of food (or other) waste in catering and eating areas

Production Team Responsibilities

  • Provide clear guidance for cast and crew members who choose to bring their own food and drinks into the workplace.
  • Maintain required social distancing when queuing for food and drinks
  • Ensure eating areas are set out to facilitate the required social distancing and are disinfected between use.

You can reach us by emailing enquiries@rocksaltcatering.com by calling Sandy on 07786 526 074.